1. Session cancellation. Lessons may be cancelled a minimum of 12 hours before the scheduled start time. They can then be rescheduled or refunded (in the case of individually purchased sessions). If sessions are cancelled (for any reason) with less than 12 hours notice this session will be lost.

2. Teacher Cancellation. I will make every effort to be available for all your scheduled sessions. However, on rare occasions it is possible that I might need to cancel our session. In this case I will give you as much notice as possible. All teacher cancellations can either be rescheduled or refunded. In the case of packages the session may be rescheduled and an appropriate time extension added to the package.

3.  Package Cancellation.  If you would like, for any reason, to cancel a session package this  must be done within the first two sessions and a 10% administration charge will be levied on the remaining sessions.

4.  Extensions to session packages. In certain circumstances; for example unforeseen work or family commitments, ill health etc, it is possible to transfer the balance of a session package (the remaining uncompleted lessons) to a later date agreed between student and teacher. However, this is at the teachers discretion.

5.  Lateness for lessons. If you are aware that you may be late for a session you should let me know, either via email or Skype IM. If I am not informed that you will be late I will wait for a maximum of 15 minutes. After that time the session will be lost.

6.  Package time limits. Lesson packages must be completed with the set time limits (4 sessions within 1 month and 10 sessions within 3 months). Any remaining unscheduled and uncompleted sessions will be lost. The only exception to this is described in (4) above.

7.  Regular Session Times. I would advise you to book your preferred session times as early as possible, as your preferred time cannot be guaranteed. You should try to have a certain amount of flexibility and I will always do my best to accommodate your preferred times.

8.  Price Increases. From time to time it will be necessary to introduce price increases. But, this will be done very infrequently, will be reasonable and only in line with increases in operating costs.