I have years of experience working with people from all over the world and really love it. I enjoy getting to know each and every culture as well as sharing customs from the USA, my home country.

I worked as a manager at a resort that was almost entirely staffed by students working in the USA on an international work exchange visa. It was a life changing experience getting to know them all and watching them develop as young adults living and working in a foreign land.

For over five years I worked with students from all over the world as their manager and loved the job I had very much. I made the decision to leave that position and move on to find more ways to work along side people of other cultures and help them to grow as individuals. I took a course in Athens, Greece to become certified in “Teaching English as a Foreign Language” (TEFL). The moment I started my practice teaching with refugees from Afghanistan, I knew I had found my place.

After Athens, I moved to Bangkok ,Thailand and got a job teaching English to 7th & 8th graders in a Thai public school. It was an amazing job! I loved the kids so much and we had a lot of fun together as they improved their English. Now I am back in Athens and have been teaching online since September, 2010 and really enjoying it.

Through all of my travels, as well as living abroad, I have really learned how to communicate well with those who speak little or no English. I hope that teaching online will allow me to meet and help many people from all over the globe!


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