Inna – Moscow – It was such an enjoyable lesson with Anna, good and informative lesson, the time was flying without me noticing:). She is attentive and ready to listen to you. I find that’s a really important quality in person and in a teacher particularly. She also has a good sense of humour and of course, it makes the learning process more effective and fun. Thank you!

Gulsaren – Istanbul – She is an expert in English in all areas be it grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary etc. Also, She is very supportive, clever and professional. I always enjoy talking with her and I am satisfied with all the classes we have done. I highly recommend her class for students who have an intermediate level or advanced level. Thank you, Anna, for all your efforts until our last time.

Uliana – Russia – Отличный и квалифицированный преподаватель. Дружелюбная, очень приятно общаться. Брала урок для подготовки к устной части IELTS. Дала много советов, прошлись по вопросам. Мне занятия помогли справиться с волнением и неуверенностью на экзамене. Советую. A brilliant and highly qualified teacher. She is very friendly and pleasant in communication. I took lessons for my speaking part of IELTS. The lessons helped me to overcome my fears and be more confident during the examination

Anastasia – Russia- Thank you for another enjoyable class Anna! I’m glad that we have almost finalized the answers to the first three basic questions. I will work more on them considering your comments and recommendations. Strengths/weaknesses question is one of the most tricky and confusing during any interview. Thus, I really appreciate that we have identified key ideas to be developed covering both hard and soft skills. Again, I want to thank you for the encouragement. It makes me feel that I’m doing right things



Anastasia – Russia I really enjoyed the first class with Anna. It was a kind of introductory lesson. Having said that my main purpose for taking classes is job interview preparation, I provided Anna with a ‘story of my life’ after the moment of graduation. Anna was very attentive: she questioned me a lot, took notes, studied my CV, and finally emphasized the areas I have to improve when answering tricky questions. I immediately realised  that Anna is very experienced tutor and I’m sure that she will able to give me proper training to pass the interview successfully.



Eunjung –  S Korea – she is always so kind and nice! very helpful to prepare interview and to be confident! recommend her! It was a great lesson with Anna! I am preparing an interview with her and she is super supportive and helpful 🙂 I appreciated her since she spent whole 1 hour for me even though we started lesson a bit later because of an issue with my internet connection.


Ying Cheng – Taiwan –I highly recommend to have lessons with Anna. If she can make an exam preparation interesting, it is assuredly that she can make any lessons fascinating! 🙂


Victoria – Ukraine – I’ve definitely managed to get off the ground. And, undoubtedly, I should put it down to Anna’s assistance. Her fascinating mastery of the language, most extensive vocabulary, to the point suggestions and the utmost precision of wording when she gets her ideas across are the things that have inspired me to push ahead

Nektarios – Cyprus – Excellent desussion. I already start feeling more confident with my language skills. 100% satisfied i am going to book more sesions with Anna

Cyrielle – Paris –  Anna is a very professional and inspiring EFL teacher with a broad range of outstanding skills such as interview preparation. I am most grateful our paths crossed and I look forward to more lessons with her in future.

Alexandre – Brazil – I liked so much, Anna has very experienced and helped me in some points that I need better.

Roman – Moscow

A few days ago I was finally accepted to the Monash MBA programme and I want to thank you for all the work we did together. It is quite impressive that in fact you have helped me to pass IELTS exam (with flying colours, may I say), prepare a strong PhD application and a successful MBA application to a top-5 Australian university. I cherish the hope, that you could even mention my case in your credentials)

During our last session we went through all but one question I was asked at the MBA interview. Having almost all answers prepared I convinced my counterpart (Deputy Programme Director) that I am a suitable candidate in just under 20 minutes, although we had 45.

It was a long way, but it was not in vain, and frankly I enjoyed our sessions a lot. Probably, because they were really advanced and I feel that we worked not only on the usage of English language to state the ideas, but on the ideas themselves.

So, thank you once again, and considering that the winter holidays are close, I believe it will be appropriate for me to be one of the first to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



Svetlana – Moscow – It was really good!!!Thank you! I will book my next lesson!


Choi Dong Hoon – Seoul – She was amazing. I really enjoying talking with her. I hope I will take her lesson again soon.


Alessio – Switzerland – Her approach is very professional and perfect for an exam preperation.

Nina – China –  Anna’s teaching was very helpful for me to expand my vocabulary, she corrects me for more accurate expression and taught me different ways of delievering the same ideas. I enjoyed the session very much

Nana – Japan  – It was a great session! I learned some phrasal verbs and grammar. We disscussed discrimination in employment.

Jessie – Taiwan

Anna went through the behavioural interview questions one by one with me patiently. She is very professional with her previous hiring experiences.

Mia – Taiwan (IELTS)

Anna was very patient and helpful. She spotted my errors and gave accurate explaination and useful suggestions. She’s also very supportive. Anna is awesome :)))) I enjoyed learning from her a lot!

Anton – Ukraine
I’ve just had the very first session with Anna..The session was related to IELTS in terms of Speaking part. We discussed possible ways to improve my spoken skills and techniques for answering questions effectively. She seems to be a highly qualified teacher, as well as a very interesting person to speak to. I recommend her as a tutor who might greatly help you with your English conversational skills

Joyce – China

Anna marked one of my IELTS writing task 2 and we discussed word choices and some grammar. I think the lesson was very helpful and I’m looking forward to our next session. Anna is a very patient and knowledgeable teacher. I had a great experience with her. 🙂

Naya – Paris Anna is a nice teacher patient and calm and with this beautiful accent 

 Guillaume – France
It was a really great experience. Anna knows exactly what kind of questions we have to answer during an interview. I highly recommend her!


I had an enjoyable lesson with Anna. She gave a lot of useful advice on my interview preperation. It is really rewarding! Thank you very much.

Eric – France

Anna is a great teacher very patient and she helps you to be more confident. Thank you for this lesson!!

Sahib – Azerbaijan
Everything was excellent

Evgeny – Russia

Very pleasant and informative conversation.


Anna is very kind and patient. I would recommend her for anyone who want to learn English. And I will continue my lesson with her too.

Dany – Israel

The teacher is very nice, the conversation was interesting and helped me, thnaks

Nick – Moscow

First impression is really good 🙂

Tibor – Hungary

Brilliant! I definitely book another session. Despite my terrible English Anna corrected me as much as is needed keeping the flow of conversation.

Sunny – London

Very nice teacher, very helpful coaching indeed! I would recommend her!

Igor – Novosbirsk, Russia

It seems to me, Anna is very good English teacher. She have completely understood my weaknesses in actual speaking from the first minutes of session. And she proposed to concentrate on topics which I need to work on. So it was a very useful conversation.

Alejandro – Madrid, Spain

Perfect knowledge. Lesson well prepared.

Irina – Moscow, Russia

It was my first experience to speak to Anna and we check my possibility. And I am waiting the next conversation. Thanks all was good.

Tatyana – Moscow, Russia

Thanks a lot for a lovely conversation! I found it very encouraging too!

Diana VilamilColumbia

The teacher is well qualified, and the experience of her is high

Olga – Moscow It was great! We spoke about everything: artists, writers, literature, countries and travellings. Anna have a good method of teaching, by my opinion, many speaking, many vocabularies, a little grammar:) I absolutely agree, because grammar we can study by books)


Thank you a lot! Lessons with you are really great! I can’t wait to speak with you again.

Alex – Greece

I really enjoy it and I’m definitely going to schedule a new session with you as soon as possible! Thank you very much!!!

Viktor – moscow I am very glad with session i had right away with Anna. She exceeded my expectations, giving me a reasonable feedbacks on the way i can improve my interview skills. I’ll definitly continue doing lessons with Anna because i am confident that in the end of our sessions i will be very well prepared to pass any types of interviews. I would also highlight Anna’s ability to find individual specific approach to teaching, being clear of expectations & objectives very early in the beginning of the session. I would recommend Anna to any student who want to prepare for interview, she is really good in it!

Samah – Assuit,  Egypt Anna is a very good and committed teacher. today we discussed the second part of the IELTS speaking test, and i learned some new techniques. Everything she said was useful and up to the point. Thank you Anna

NatashaMoscow Спасибо огромное за прекрасный урок. До встречи!!!!

Ai –  OsakaJapan Anna is always helpful and patient. Such a wonderful teacher!

Natalia – Russia Great Class !. Thank you very much.

KseniyaRussia  it was brilliant, fabulous, incredible session 🙂 thank you, Anna!

MarinaMed – Russia Before the session I had been very nervous, but it was very good and comfortable to speak with Anna. Thank you very much

sana87 – Saudi Arabia Very Professional and Friendly, made me comfortable talking in English and encouraged me alot I am feeling more confident now ! Thank you so much!

Elo – China Anna is patient and her accent is really easy to understand. I will take other lesson for sure, we already defined a training plan.

Luciano – Brasilia, Brazil

Very nice, patient and helpful teacher.

Joy – Japan Anna is a very patient teacher,Thank you for your great session as always.

Artistry – China 30 minute and I‘m in love with her.Have a nice try and I believe you will also do~!

nano – Spain Thank you very much Anna, you’re a fantastic teacher.  Anna is incredible! I’m very happy to have met Anna. She’s a very kind person.

Mauro – Italy A very warm and friendly voice for a really good english teacher… see you soon!

Carlos Palmeira – Sao Paulo Nice class!

Dmitry – Russia Thank you Anna! Enjoyable and full of useful and new information! I think you can’t afford by yourself to be unprepared! And I forgot…Thanks for philosophy material!

meimei – China Thank you teacher Anna! I could spend good time with you. I really enjoyed our session. See you soon!

MonteCristo – China Very helpful! The lesson was tailored to what I needed. I had fun and learned a lot.

Jack – China Thanks Anna,and she is a warm and kind hearted teacher.

Chaewon Sung – South Korea thank you very much. i cant forgot the last 5 minutes of our last session. it was.. so impressive… talk to you sooon

Átila – Brazil I really enjoy the lesson, you are a very well educated woman; and the discussions were very interesting.

Moon – China She is a brilliant teacher .. she understands so well what I really need in improving my English ..she has payed my attention to how should I care about idioms and colloquial phrases to get my English in fluency .. Thank you so much dear and I`m so long to attened to next session .. have a nice day .

cdigiovanni – Italy Teacher Anna, you are – as always – simply unique.Miss Anna is without any doubt the best english teacher a student can meet. Her expertise, her patience and the capacity to envelope her students with her pleasantness and kindness has no price.

Ray Tang – China Cordial, gracious and professional 😀

Tomo – Japan I found the nice teacher. Her teaching skill is professional. She talked to me very clear and soft. It was very relaxed conversation.

Ksenya – Russia Thank you, Anna! It was a great pleasure to talk to you! You are so patient 🙂 I’m really looking forward to our next lesson!

Kelvin Ho – Hong Kong I like the way how Anna taught the lesson. She helped me get my confidence back first and I felt like I was able to speak without boundary. Thanks Anna.

Helena123 – China I had a fantastic time talking to you.I found a new goal for my English studying.Thank you.

Anastasia – Russia The lesson was very interesting, Anna really is very patient and jolly.After lesson want to smile and speak English more and more.

Andrew – Russia It was cooool! Very interesting conversation and very helpful. It was a feeling that i know Anna long ago =) So thanks Anna, looking forward to the future lessons!




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