General English

The Skype General English and English conversation lessons are good for students who would like to improve overall fluency, to expand and develop speaking and listening skills. Writing skills can also be included depending on your requirements. These lessons are very much communication-based in order to give you the maximum amount of speaking practice, rather than listening to me speaking! But, we can also include video listening exercises and other, more structured, exercises to help enhance your vocabulary and look at areas of grammar you might have problems with. Sessions are tailored to fit your interests and your needs. Contact me for a 20-minute free trial session.

Business English

Business English and Business English for specific purposes e.g: Finance, Project Management, Accounting, Business English lessons are aimed at professionals needing to improve their spoken and written business English skills quickly and effectively. The sessions have a strong focus on the proper use and understanding of collocations, idiomatic speech, the most commonly used phrasal verbs and other phrases and expressions appropriate for use within a business setting. All lessons are tailored to your specific area of work and material is selected on the basis of your needs and requirements. Contact me for a 20-minute free trial session.

Exam Preparation

The Exam preparation course is aimed at people studying for IELTS, CAE, FCE and CPE Cambridge exams. The emphasis is on the speaking, writing and listening parts of these exams. You will be prepared for exactly what is expected of you, how the exams are structured, given tips on how you should approach the tasks and lots and lots of practice! My job is to prepare you both practically and in terms of your confidence and that’s what I’ll do. Contact me for a 20-minute free trial session.

Interview Preparation

These english interview preparation sessions will do just what they say. I have successfully prepared numerous clients for interviews and have real professional experience of conducting interviews. You will be given practice, help, and suggestions in responding to and effectively answering the most frequently asked questions and also the questions which are most likely to be asked in your own interview. You will receive guidance in appropriate use of English and help with understanding exactly what information you are being asked for and how you should structure your responses. Sessions will include role-play. Contact me for a 20-minute free trial session.

Editing & Proofreading

If you have a book manuscript, academic paper, presentation or any other text you need edited or proofread to the highest possible standard of English contact me to arrange a time that suits you for a chat.