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I`m Anna and, I`m a Cambridge CELTA qualified British English online teacher, editor and proofreader and, I`ve been giving Skype English lessons since 2010.

Over the past 8 years I have helped 100`s of people from all over the world to become confident and fluent users of English, prepare for (and get!) their Cambridge English exams, pass interviews, improve their careers and, just get more out of life through their knowledge, use and enjoyment of English.

What you'll need


Using Skype is the most convenient way to connect for our lessons and will give us the best audio quality.
You can download Skype for free here

Headset with microphone

A headset with mic will make it much easier for us both to hear each other clearly. Using video is optional. It depends on your preference and the strength of your internet connection.

Good internet connection

A strong, stable internet connection will ensure we have as little disruption to our sessions as possible. This is something we can test during a trial lesson.

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What you’ll get when you take skype online English lessons with Anna’s Online English. 

• One-to-one Skype English lessons with a qualified and highly experienced online British English teacher

• Lessons entirely dedicated to your needs, your interests and your level of English

• Unlike traditional English classes, you get maximum opportunities to speak

• Lessons where and when you want in a relaxed, engaged and engaging atmosphere

• A choice of: General and Conversational English, Business English, English Interview preparation and, Cambridge (IELTS, FCE, CAE & CPE) English Exam Preparation • Professional copy editing and proofreading services

Practical, affordable, and effective

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For more kind words from my students, please see my feedback page



"Anna is a very professional and inspiring EFL teacher with a broad range of outstanding skills such as interview preparation. I am most grateful our paths crossed and I look forward to more lessons with her in future."




"A few days ago I was finally accepted to the Monash MBA programme and I want to thank you for all the work we did together. It is quite impressive that in fact you have helped me to pass IELTS exam (with flying colours, may I say), prepare a strong PhD application and a successful MBA application to a top-5 Australian university."



Taiwan (IELTS)

"Anna was very patient and helpful. She spotted my errors and gave accurate explaination and useful suggestions. She’s also very supportive. Anna is awesome. I enjoyed learning from her a lot!"

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